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Korean author overcomes extreme challenges to become an esteemed professor in New Memoir

Joy FormulaBladensburg, MD (March 2020) Although the word disability seems to fit author Inkang Kim, in many ways, the implications of the word ring far from true. Stricken with polio at an early age, Mr. Kim cannot walk on his own and needs crutches and braces for mobility.

While the word disability means the inability to perform a basic function, Mr. Kim proves that the loss of a function that so many of us take for granted need not limit the ability to be used of God and to be a beacon of light in a perilously dark world.

The new book, Joy Formula, is Mr. Kim’s memoir of growing up in South Korea and becoming what he is today, a math professor at the Korea Institute for Advanced Study in Seoul. With a poetic flair, he recounts the difficulties of growing up with a debilitating disease and how he developed an interest in higher education, even though attending university was deemed impossible with his condition. He details his experiences at university, talks about his self-doubt, and takes the reader with him on his various travels around the world as he obliges his passion for studying and teaching math. Fortunately, unable to resist a professor’s urge to educate, he even capably details the complexities of mathematics and gives guidance to those who are interested in mathematics or any other course of study.

However, the most visible, reliable, and steadfast area of his life is his faith. Mr. Kim met Christ in his first year of university and found the hope and strength in God that led him through more than 20 years of mathematical teaching and research. As he states, he lives his life now with “one hand with the Bible and the other practicing mathematics.” While, to many, God and math may seem like strange bedfellows, to Mr. Kim, they are a marriage of destiny.

Joy Formula will resonate with those who are trying to live their best lives with a disability. However, it will also touch anyone who seeks insurmountable proof that God is real and working in the lives of those who are faithful to Him. Kim may not be able to move like most of us, but he has certainly taken a walk of faith.

Joy Formula will be released on June 30 and is currently available in eBook and paperback at and other online outlets.

Joy Formula, ISBN: 9780998669083

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