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Inscript Books and author Jennifer Chamberlain release a new book, a study on the Fruit of the Holy Spirit

Fresh Fruit, a new book on the fruit of the Holy SpiritBladensburg, MD, June 10, 2018 – Fruit is the natural product of certain healthy, flowering plants. It is also recognized by many health experts as an essential element of a proper diet (and quite tasty as well). But did you know that your spiritual health is just as important as your physical health? Jennifer Chamberlain's new book of meditations on the fruit of the Holy Spirit details how the nine fruits of the Holy Spirit are essential products and elements of a thriving relationship with Christ.

Inflected with Scripture lessons, with each lesson ending with a prayer, this collection of writings is essential for those who are new to the fruit of the Spirit and desire to learn more. There is a chapter for each fruit. Each fruit has eight compositions, followed by a prayer, regarding issues in life and how the fruit of the Holy Spirit can help us. It will also inform veterans in Christ, including those who are unfamiliar with the fruit, as well as those who may have lost touch with what it takes to bear the fruit in their own lives.

Jennifer Chamberlain has a master’s degree in communications and is retired from a career in public affairs. She now divides her time between speaking, writing a Christian blog, working on her next book about the Lord’s Prayer, and working with her husband in an outreach ministry.

Fresh Fruit: Meditations on the Fruit of the Holy Spirit is currently available in eBook and paperback at and other online outlets.

Fresh Fruit, ISBN: 9780998669090

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