Christ in Men...Today

52 weeks of building spiritual muscle, one character quality at a time

By Mike Thornton
Christ in Men...Today

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About this Book

At one time, it was a common occurrence in a developing boy’s life to have an adult come to him and say, “Show me your muscles,” at which time the boy would proudly flex. This was done not so much out of any interest in really seeing the boy’s muscles (which were usually quite scrawny), but to help him understand the need to develop in himself the strength needed to truly become a man.

Christ in Men...Today is a daily devotional written especially for men to help them develop the spiritual strength and character they need to become effective followers of Christ and leaders in their homes, workplaces, and communities. Drawing on the life experiences of the author but supported primarily by Scripture throughout, this devotional is written in “earthy” vs flowery language. The devotionals are divided into 52 weeks, with each week discussing a separate character quality such as Boldness, Faithfulness, Humility, Self-Control, Worship, and many more.

Not just any men’s devotional, Christ in Men...Today will help men to identify the qualities that they need to develop in their lives and will challenge them to become the best at what God intends for them to be. It will help them to reject a convenient, lukewarm faith and draw them closer to Christ on a daily basis. This insightful book is ideal for personal devotions as well as men’s Bible studies.