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James Whitaker is far from being the perfect Christian. Having abandoned his faith during his teen years and spent several years in prison, he returns home to Washington, D.C., yearning only to spend time with his devout, long-suffering mother. However, his plans for a perfect homecoming are thwarted when he is attacked shortly after release, and then targeted by a distraught father bent on revenge for the disappearance of his young daughter. These events threaten not only to destroy his life, but the lives of his family, his friends, and the pastor and first lady of a D.C. mega church. Along the way he is assisted by a young social worker whose efforts to help James only exacerbate her own struggles and yearning for companionship.

Could these events have something to do with a prophecy he received as a child? Or are they the natural repercussions of a fateful decision made several years ago? In this Christian fiction novel set in the gritty urban environs of the nation’s capital, drama, suspense and romance come together to create a compelling and realistic story that illustrates the unwavering faithfulness of God and the virtues of perseverance.

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Prodigal in the City: A Christian suspense fiction novel
BISAC Category: FIC042060  FICTION/ Christian/ Suspense

A Christian Suspense Novel

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The preacher, under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, spoke to the young James what he saw through the eyes of the Spirit. "...You will be a warrior in the body of Christ that will cause the enemy to shudder and falter.”
James was only seven years old and never gave the prophecy much thought. But his mother wrote down the prophecy and kept it in her Bible. Lance Morrison vowed never to forget it.
It was for that reason that another power—the evil, malevolent, and unseen prince of the power of the air—also made a concerted and determined effort not to forget.
By Louis N. Jones
About the Author

Author Louis N. JonesLouis N Jones is an author and publisher with over 22 years experience. Jones has worked with several publishing companies, using these opportunities to hone his writing and publishing experience. Jones also has a strong knowledge of information technology and desktop publishing, and served 13 years as an IT consultant and engineer with the United States Postal Service.  Read More