The Colors will Change, a Christian Suspense novel from author Louis N. Jones

Excerpt from The Colors will Change, a Christian suspense novel

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Genre: Christian Fiction/Thrillers/Suspense

    This was new to Carline Lissade.
    After some instruction, advice, and prompting from friends who were doing it, the thirty-two-year-old single woman cast off all restraint and forged ahead. Against every scruple and moral imperative within her soul and spirit, Carline decided to use her body to earn money.
    She scraped together enough gourdes to take one of the local tap-taps—brightly colored pickup trucks used as makeshift public transportation—from her tin shack in the La Saline slums to downtown Port-au-Prince, Haiti. She headed to the Hotel Malarcher, a flea-pit inn popular with visitors looking for dirt-cheap accommodations and ready opportunities for immediate satisfaction.
    The place was, for all intents and purposes, a legitimate hotel functioning as a bordello. Extracurricular activities were supposed to be secret, but anybody walking by with any number of functioning brain cells could tell what was going on. Four teenage girls stood around the hotel and waited for prospective male customers to check in. Some women were ravenous in their approach, openly propositioning, while others looked for a long stare and a smile from a potential customer as a sign that they would have a trick for the night. Read More.

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