I've Been Raped by a Church: A guide for those suffering from church and spiritual abuse

Excerpt from I've Been Raped by a Church: A Guide for those affected by church and spiritual abuse

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Read the sample below for a glimpse as to why this author decided to throw all caution to the wind and write about a difficult and challenging topic: church abuse and spiritual abuse.

    This story is true, although the names have been changed to protect the innocent. I share the details to bring truth to light regarding an all-too-common scenario: church abuse that borders on cultism and mind control. As you read, you will discover several important things, including how to pray and intercede for those in leadership. You will learn to determine when a shepherd has a heart for his people, and when the opposite is true. You will discover the importance of the spirit of discernment—that check in your spirit that tells you that all is not well. I will also share an insider’s view of the interpersonal conflicts that can exist within the four walls of a church building. Finally, you will begin to understand the tactics and the people that Satan uses to keep God’s people in bondage so that you can successfully protect yourself and those you love from such betrayal.
    In Daniel chapter 10, we find that there are leaders who know how to operate in demonic realms that oppress the children (also referred to as sheep) of God. The prince of Grecia and the prince of Persia were demons who worked in those nations to oppose God’s people. By the end of this book you will know what to do if your leader is in that category. Read More

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